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Trevor's Mostly Economic Musings

Hey there! I'm Trevor - I'm an incoming second year undergraduate economist at Trinity College, University of Cambridge and a Jardine Scholar from Hong Kong. I am also an Emergent Ventures grantee as awarded by the Mercatus Center. Previously I was a King's Scholar at Eton College. This website is a collection of my ramblings on economics, with a focus on business cycle macroeconomics, progress studies and other esoteric commentary. These days, I post around once a month and you can keep up with my posts by subscribing to my newsletter.

My full blog archive is available here, but some of my posts you may want to check out include:

I'm always interested in opportunities to get involved with economic research, policy activism, and policymaking - feel free to check out my resume and get in touch. Beyond that, I love hearing what people think about my blog and connecting with those who have overlapping interests - as such, don't hesitate to message me on twitter or to contact me by email!

If you're here around March, you might be looking for this amusing twitter thread I made.