Trevor Chow

i am interested in bringing silicon to life!

currently: i study maths at stanford and investigate embeddings at hazy research lab

previously: i market-made index options at optiver, did global health grantmaking at open philanthropy, thought about monetary policy at cambridge and debated competitively at the cambridge union

things i enjoy: listening to taylor swift, falling off climbing walls, jumping out of planes, tumbling down ski slopes

my writing

bunnyhopping: what will bend the arc of history?

my substack about progress, supported by an emergent ventures grant

agi and the emh: what do financial markets say about transformative AI?

real interest rates should rise in anticipation of transformative AI, regardless of whether it leads to foom or doom (featured in vox, the economist and the ft)

incidental polysemanticity: when do neurons represent multiple features?

even in over-parameterised autoencoders, polysemantic neurons can arise due to random initialisations

my projects

alloypress: my own static site generator

a python static site generator which supports markdown, latex, syntax highlighting and sidenotes, with only html and css

manifest: my own text editor (in progress)

a nvalt-esque text editor with keystroke-by-keystroke embedding search which can be streamed to a website

twentyfour: my implementation of the 24 game (in progress)

a multiplayer game of 24 which adds side bets

get in touch

i am @tmychow everywhere on the internet: tweet at me, email me or hire me!