Advice For People Exactly Like Me


Trevor Chow


November 13, 2021

NB: Consider reversing any advice you hear!

  1. Take ideas seriously: If you think something is true, act like it! Build the world you want! (See: Boyle, Healey, Thiel, Andreessen)
  2. Think like a trader: Put numbers to your decisions! Reason in EV! Update like a good Bayesian! Bite the risk premiums! (See: Alexander, Rogers, Hobart)
  3. Get good: Life is short! You don’t have time to be incompetent! (See: Altman, Kuhn, Sivers, Luu)
  4. Embrace cringe: Reality doesn’t grade on a curve! You don’t get points for half-assing it! Commit to the bit! (See: Swift)
  5. Work on what matters: Bend the arc of the moral universe! Create abundant energy and intelligence! Lower the cost of atoms and bits! (See: Hamming, Andreessen, Altman)