Notes on Asterisk (Issue 3)


Trevor Chow


June 27, 2023

I’ve been enjoying reading on the beaches of Dubrovnik for the past few days. I’m generally a big fan of long-form magazines like Asterisk and Works In Progress, but I really really liked issue 3 of Asterisk in particular.

Here are some notes!

AI Isn’t Coming for Tech Jobs - Yet by Jonathan Mann

Crash Testing GPT-4 by Beth Barnes

What We Get Wrong About AI & China by Jeff Ding

A Field Guide to AI Safety by Kelsey Piper

Through A Glass Darkly by Scott Alexander

How Long Until Armageddon? by Michael Gordin

Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart AIs Are? by Robert Long

How We Can Regulate AI by Avital Balwit

The Transistor Cliff by Sarah Constantin

The Puzzle of Non-Proliferation by Carl Robichaud

The Great Inflection by Matt Clancy and Tamay Besiroglu

Emotional Intelligence Amplification by Jamie Wahls