Things I’d Like To See Built


Trevor Chow


August 29, 2023

Almost none of the following are original.

  1. A lightweight nvalt-esque notetaking app where !bang commands go to ChatGPT
  2. An AI teddybear with a Raspberry Pi + Whisper/ChatGPT inside
  3. A Chrome extension which extracts text from websites/podcasts/videos, summarises it with ChatGPT, embeds it and lets you ask it questions and Ankifies the important stuff
  4. A game where you see like a model’s tokeniser
  5. A notetaking app which is centered around screenshots and is contextually aware e.g. resurfaces old content to remind you to do something, organises related screenshots into a compilation
  6. A command line interface for ChatGPT
  7. Evaluating and generating better embedding spaces